SCG Radio #115 - The Monday Night War in March 1999


Join Liam O'Rourke, Karl Jones and Kieran O'Rourke for the latest installment of the Monday Night War Timeline, this time covering March 1999! Discussing every Raw, Nitro and PPV of the month, as well as going over all the backstage notes from the Observer and Torch Newsletters of the time, the panel talks all the major news, such as - WrestleMania 15 and the build going in (including the beer bash and Austin Vs. Big Show for free), WCW booking a full hour of video packages on Nitro, the double turn of Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan at Uncensored, the debut of the Mean Street Posse(!), Bret Hart's angle with Goldberg and the steel plate and the insane politics behind it, Sable's star exploding even further, HHH splits from DX, the Ministry's reign of terrible television continues, WCW's ridiculous idea for the Spring Stampede main event, Jim Ross turns heel, and The Rock takes steps towards being a mega babyface. Above all else, we are talking about the month that finally sees the chickens coming home to roost for WCW, as the numbers tell the true story. With all the facts, figures and analysis you could want for the month, this is one episode of the Timeline you won't want to miss...