SCG Radio #111 - NXT TakeOver, 2017 Royal Rumble and Beyond

February 2, 2017

Join Liam O'Rourke, Karl Jones and Kieran O'Rourke as we break down NXT TakeOver: San Antonio and the 2017 Royal Rumble! Breaking down all the matches, the crew takes your feedback on the big events, and discuss the road to WrestleMania 33. Looking at possible matches and likely directions, we evaluate how well the Royal Rumble set up the next two months of WWE programming, debating disappointment in the Rumble, the choice of Randy Orton as the winner, the utter brilliance of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar's interplay, the hilarious failures of Roman Reigns, BRAUN STROWMAN, Big Match John finally gets a round of applause, Undertaker looking a bit worse for wear, and a live reaction of John Cena's proposed Mania direction. A lot of fun this week, check it out and let us know what you think!


SCG Radio #110 - Wrestlers You Turned A Corner On

January 26, 2017

Join Liam O'Rourke, Karl Jones and Kieran O'Rourke as we discuss the wrestlers or acts you once loathed but managed to win you over. We discuss how these individuals finally won you over, and break down the career arcs of individuals such as Mark Henry, The Miz, Ronnie Garvin, Chris Masters, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Rusev, Samoa Joe, Umaga, Braun Strowman, Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens and yes, John Cena. And to round out the show, we give our predictions on this year's Royal Rumble this coming Sunday - check it out and enjoy!


SCG Radio #109 - WCW Spring Stampede 2000 RuView

January 19, 2017

Join Liam O'Rourke, Karl Jones and Kieran O'Rourke for our second RuView! This time covering WCW Spring Stampede 2000, the guys cover all 14 (!) matches, all the interviews, angles, swerves, twists, turns, and tournaments. Featuring Jeff Jarrett Vs. DDP for the vacant WCW Title, an 8 man tournament with 9 men in it for the vacant US Title, a 4 team tournament with 5 teams in it for the vacant Tag Titles, a 6 man match for the Cruiserweight Title with 8 people wrestling in the ring, and all the fun and games you expect from Vinnie Ru. Check it out and let us know what you think!


SCG Radio #108 - NJPW WrestleKingdom 11 Review

January 7, 2017

Join Liam O'Rourke, Karl Jones, G. John Chase and Kieran O'Rourke as we talk all things WrestleKingdom 11! Breaking down every match, we look at the finer aspects of a tremendous show, as well as dish out criticism where needed, and take your feedback on the big event. Talking six star ratings, the utter greatness of Hiroshi Tanahashi, the growth of Tetsuya Naito, underused talent, the impending rise of the Juniors and much more, we look at all things New Japan, as SCG kicks off 2017 with a bang!


SCG Radio #107 - The 2016 Christmas Show

December 21, 2016

Join Liam O'Rourke, Karl Jones, Kieran O'Rourke, Luke Edwards and Matt Holt for the 2016 Christmas Show! With festive joy and yuletide cheer abound, we take to the mailbag for your Year End Awards and general topics of discussion! Talking everything from WWE's UK Title and the World of Sport return to most embarrassing moments as a fan, overlooked storylines, the diamonds of 2016, favourite pieces of merchandise, least favourite wrestlers ever, an overview of the product today and going forward and the main pitfalls, as well as plenty of fun banter about the panel's interactions in the world of wrestling. In addition, we toss out a few predictions for the year ahead and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wherever you are across the world!


SCG Radio #106 - The Monday Night War in December 1998

December 1, 2016

Join Liam O'Rourke, Karl Jones and Kieran O'Rourke as we tackle December 1998 in our Monday Night War Timeline series! Talking all the big stories in WCW and WWF during this month with notes from the Observer and Torch Newsletters of the time, we break down ever Raw, Nitro and PPV. We talk all about Kevin Nash ending Goldberg's streak at Starrcade, Ric Flair stealing every show he's on, Eric Bischoff announces a landmark deal with NBC, the rise of DX and Mankind in Steve Austin's absence, fuck finishes galore, the awkward use of Shawn Michaels, Sexual Chocolate bringing the ratings, all the facts and figures of the month, as well as a breakdown of where things stand when evaluating 1998 as a whole. The final cap on 1998 in our series, and we promise it's a good one!


SCG Radio #105 - NXT TakeOver, Survivor Series and Beyond

November 25, 2016

Join Liam O'Rourke, Karl Jones, G. John Chase, Kieran O'Rourke and Luke Edwards as we talk about a huge weekend of shows for WWE! Discussing the ins and outs of NXT TakeOver: Toronto and the 2016 Survivor Series, we break down every match and talk all the big issues currently going on, including the shocking finish to Lesnar Vs. Goldberg, issues with champions on the show, struggling divisions, some great wrestling, and debating a litany of possible directions between now and WrestleMania. And as always, we get some of your thoughts about the happenings of one of WWE's bigger weekends of the year. Check it out and let us know what you think!


SCG Radio #104 - The Monday Night War in November 1998

November 17, 2016

Join Liam O'Rourke, Old Man Jones and Kieran O'Rourke, as they return to the Monday Night War Timeline to talk about November 1998! Discussing every Raw and Nitro, Survivor Series featuring the Deadly Game tournament and World War 3, the panel delve into all the news of a crazy month with the assistance of the Wrestling Observer Newsletters of the time. Discussing Governor Ventura, a new Corporate Champion, Hulk Hogan declaring his run for Presidency, a backstage swerve on the boys and Kevin Nash getting the book, insane WCW politics, Rock Vs. Austin on Raw, Mark Henry becoming awesome, Bam Bam Bigelow gatecrashing WCW, Goldberg losing steam, the WWF trying out some questionable angles, and much more. This show is jam-packed with all the facts and figures you need to relive the month without the misguided WWE narrative - check it out and enjoy!


SCG Radio #103 - Feuds That Fell Off A Cliff

November 10, 2016

Join Liam O'Rourke, Karl Jones and Kieran O'Rourke, as they discuss Feuds and Storylines that fell off a cliff! Taking your suggestions, we spitball a litany of times when a company had something with major potential in the palm off their hands but dropped the ball. Including discussion of The Summer Of Punk, Nexus, Angle Vs. Joe, The Invasion, The Ending of the Streak, Daniel Bryan against The Authority, Luger Vs. Hogan, Taker Vs. Shane, and many many more, we look for the common threads that bind feuds that were once so promising and yet fell short. A fun show this week, check it out!


SCG Radio #102 - April 10th 2000 WCW Nitro RuView

October 27, 2016

Join Liam O'Rourke, G. John Chase, Karl Jones and Kieran O'Rourke, for the very first SCG RuView! For the first in-depth analysis of Vince Russo written television, we're looking at the April 10th 2000 episode of WCW Nitro, the legendary "restart show" that saw the formation of Russo and Eric Bischoff's New Blood, Returns, Debuts, Turns, Swerves, Insider Comments, Chaos, Carnage and Bret Hart. Talking Shane Douglas Vs. Ric Flair, a 4 Man Tournament to decide an opponent for Jeff Jarrett, Billy Kidman feuding with Hulk Hogan, Scott Steiner madness and a whole lot more (believe me). A lot of fun, check it out!