SCG Radio #135 - The Worst Turns in Wrestling History


Join Liam O'Rourke, Karl Jones and Kieran O'Rourke as we debate the Worst Turns in Wrestling History! Taking nominations from you, the loyal listeners (!), we discuss everything from the obvious and glaring candidates, such as Steve Austin at WrestleMania X7, Rikishi doing it for The Rock, Goldberg at GAB 2000 and the disasterous Hogan/Flair double-turn of 1999, to the personal and obscure choice that have plauged your wrestling fandom, including Tatanka joining the Million Dollar Corporation, Dusty Rhodes joining the nWo, Eugene's two week stint as the hateable special needs grappler, Heel Godfather from 2002, Ahmed Johnson joining the Nation before being booted out weeks later, Brother Bruti becoming The Butcher, "Nature Boy" AJ Styles, Michael Cole and so many more. A fun show as always, let us know what you think!